Background Checks

A background check or pre-sue report can be invaluable before either pursuing an individual financially or finding out more information on the person before making a deciscion. 


All information is through compiling records from public and private databases and information sources and commercial and financial records, this is coupled with investigative skills which would look at an individuals employment history, lifestyle and financial background.


Checks can be carried out on a wide range of individuals which range from prospective employees, debtors, business partners, directors, etc. We work on behalf of corporate clients and private individuals, we can also handle bulk instructions with a quick turnaround time. 

The reports would cover:


Address search - Trace and confirm address or supply new address, information on all present occupants including names,

ages when available, time spent at the address, registered on the electoral roll, landline number when available and

previous addresses.

Property ownership - Supply owners names, if the property has a mortgage and who the lender is, any charges against the

property, date purchased, price purchased, current value, image of property.

Credit check - Search England, Wales, Scotland and Republic of Ireland for any Orders & judgments, high

court judgments, defaults, tribunal awards, CCJ'S, defaults, tribunal awards, IVA's, bankruptcy, debt relief orders,

Individual voluntary arrangements.

Director/Employment search - Provide details of company information including name of company, directors and shareholders information

, company registration number, registered address, trading address, all available accounts, shareholders, any other directorships along

with full company details.

Social networking info - Search all known social and business networking sites including Facebook, twitter, linked in,

MySpace etc. and provide any miscellaneous info from news feed including all relevant information and images.

Internet search - Any relevant information found on internet search engines which may include information from

Forums, message boards, advertising, dating, court appearances misc. info.


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