Insurance Fraud Investigations

Adepto Solutions are specialists who carry out detailed investigations in:

  • Motor Claims
  • Unemployment Claims
  • Disability Claims
  • Travel Claims
  • Home Claims

Each investigation is handled by one head office dedicated case handler that will see the case through from instruction to completion. All insurance investigations are dealt with quickly and efficiently and every case can be tailored to suit your requirements. Dependant on case type Adepto Solutions can utilise it's other services such as surveillance and tracing to acheive the best possible result. 


If the case type is motor which may require an investigation into serious injury, fatal road traffic accidents or simply where liability is disputed then our field investigators have the expertise and knowledge to produce a highly accurate report to aid you in the decision making process. Adepto can provide you with:


  • Locus reports
  • Witness Statments
  • Traffic accident Investigation
  • Site inspections
  • Full detailed final reports

With regards to unemployment, travel and disability claims these instructions can vary from case to case but generally we use desktop technology to research the individual in question before allocating a dedicated case handler to the instruction who would interview the subject taking a full detailed statement whilst asking investgative questions. These types of instruction can be tied in with periods of surveillance. 

Staff at Adepto Solutions HQ are available at all times to answer any questions on any of these case types and should you instruct us we aim to have a fast turnaround from instruction through to completion enabling you to pass these benefits on to your customer.


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